Finally, after many hours Hide the troll extension is ready.

Today version 0.1.1 [Audrey] has been proudly released.

Feature list:

  • hiding posts of users [trolls] you don't want to read anymore,
  • support for and,
  • adding new usernames to block lists via options page,
  • revealing hidden posts.

Chrome download: Chrome web store link:

Opera download: For Opera install "Download Chrome Extension" addon first and then visit Chrome web store link to install the extension.

What's next:

  • support for more forums,
  • adding users from a popup,
  • adding a comments section to this website to get your feedback about... well... everything,
  • replace component responsible for displaying user list and adding new one with something nicer,
  • BIG THING (want to keep this for myself for a little while - when comments section will be ready I'll verbalize it),
  • ...

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