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What is the Hide the troll extension about?
I was tired scrolling through comments of people that know sh*t but acts like they know everything. I was tired of people writing things just to p*ss you off. I don't usually get into a discussion with such trolls but when I'm reading same bollocks, again and again, it's easy to get nervous. I believe you have the same.

Once you feed extension with troll names while visiting a forum/webpage all posts written by trolls are hidden. Simple as that. No more rubbish. Of course, you can see the post if you really want - each hidden post has an 'eye' icon to show/hide the post.
Where can I get it? Here is Chrome Web Store link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/hide-the-troll/fjkamjklknbahoimbaidpalnpbcbhpgp

For Opera install "Download Chrome Extension" addon first and then visit Chrome web store link to install the extension.

What about Firefox? I'm working on it.

Are you giving me some kind of alpha stuff?
Well... If you have to be so literal - yes. Before I get to version 1.0 I want to make it rock solid. However, this is not some buggy compilation of code chunks found on StackOverflow. With every single release, I give my best to make it a handcrafted piece of art.

What kind of data does Hide the troll extension store?
We store only lists of users you want to hide. We do NOT store any kind of other data like browsing history etc.

Does Hide the troll extension store any of personal data?
No. Only blocked user lists are stored using google built-in storage system. No data is stored on any 3rd party servers.

Is it open-source?
No. Not at this moment. I have that in mind.


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